The Light within Darkness

Learn to love your darkness. This shadow mastery class will teach you to know the light within darkness. It is the alchemical process of turning the lead of our consciousness into gold. It is the key to become the light that we already are, and harvest the wisdom and insight that help grow our inner power and creative potential.

6 Week-Online mastery class - teaching you to work powerfully with your darkness to step into your sovereign nature, and align with your Soul power to create the life you want to have.
Begins April 6, 2022

You are Invited

I invite you to join me on this transformational journey to find the Light within Darkness. There is no light without darkness. We all hold inner darkness – limiting patterns, behaviors, beliefs, wounds and ideas.
They keep us limited, and invite limiting emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, helplessness, tiredness, resistance, confusion, powerlessness etc.
 All are the Shadow Aspects of our consciousness that each hold a key to unlock our true, inner Light. 
To invite us into living a life beyond imagination.
Most people avoid or fear those aspects of themselves, and remain in limitation and suffering, and a false sense of empowerment. It is unnecessary, because they are not to be feared. They are not even necessarily to be loved. 
However, they are indispensable aspects of ourselves that are to be known, met and transformed – and when we dare to meet our darkness, truth arises, wisdom is granted, power flows, our light is restored. 

For those who live a life in partnership with their darkness, the path is open. They know the secret gateway to inner potential. I invite you to take part in this sacred work. Become a master of transforming darkness to light. 
Please note, this class goes deep into personal transformational work, so you need to be prepared that this will bring up discomfort and stir up inner turbulence, and you need to be able to hold yourself in that space. 



Learning to partner with our darkness is one of the master keys to return to our Sovereign nature, to become whole again. It expands our consciousness, brings us from separation into connectedness, and lead us to our inner truth, power and creative potential. We have the capacity to be self-transforming, and release even the darkest part of ourselves with the blink of an eye. To be self-transforming we need to learn to work intimately with the aspects of consciousness that keep us limited in any way, shape or form. It is the lead we need to create the gold. It is the compost needed to feed the growth of our Soul. It is the sun waiting to break through dawn.
In this class, we will move beyond mind and into the energetic mastery of shadow – we will not dive into your stories, recreate new and better stories or try to understand why you have the shadows you have. We will go to the truth, and access the energetic roots and pull out the weed to allow your true nature to blossom. This is an opportunity for you to move into energetic mastery and inner knowing – into the intelligence of your soul that frees potential – whether you want to call that part of you, your soul, higher self, true self, divine self, noble self. We will move beyond duality and into the One Mind.

You will learn to use any situation as an opportunity for transforming lead into gold, how to work with energy, know how to dissolve blockages on your path, strengthen your relationship to your self and the world around you, learn to discern the deeper truth of reality, reclaim your sovereign power, grow you inner peace and balance and energy, and know how to develop power of mind. 
We have immense inner powers at our disposal to transform and grow ourselves. And you already have the tools you need. I will teach you how to put them to use in your life, and teach you to release what stands in the way. Through these tools, practices and principles, you will be able to continue to align yourself more powerfully to the intelligent power of your Soul and the Universe. This class will transform your relationship to life and reality. 



Access Soul truth

Get to truly know who you are

Heal past hurt, wounds and limitations

Release limiting programming

Direct, shape, transmute and transform energy

Step into inner peace and balance

Handle stressful situations with calm and clarity

Expand your wisdom

Develop your intuitive powers 



6 weeks packed with deep learning, exercises, and group coaching ensuring inner growth with external impact.

Live teaching via Zoom on
Wednesdays at 7 PM Cest/6 pm Bst/1 pm Est.
The session will be about 2 hours long and will take place via Zoom. 1 personal coaching sessions (1,5h) is included in this class to support your journey.
The recordings will be made available after each session for you to download and go back to.

Week 1


One of the most important aspects of shadow work is to know and understand our position of true power – what we are transforming from and to, and who we need to be to navigate the process of transformation. This session will be about re-claiming our sovereign nature and step into our true path. You will start to develop an inner position of power. (April 6)

Week 2


When we know the energetic root of shadows, how they serve us and how they are created, it is much easier to meet them. We will dive into the creation of darkness, the polarity, and unravel the alchemical process of shadow transformation. We will learn to recognize shadow aspects otherwise hidden from us. (April 13)



Your life is a constant gift of opportunity to work with your shadow aspects and step into greater degrees of power. Every day we are given the opportunity to learn how powerful we are. We will begin to dive into the shadow process and put the tools to work. 
(April 20)

Week 4


This week we will dive into the shadow process and you will start to release pain, limitations, programming, false beliefs. You will learn to dissolve shadow with your pure awareness. You will learn to release energies at the different energetic levels of body, mind and emotions. You will start to practice the alchemical art of self-transformation.
(April 27)

Week 5


To work with our darkness is to also work with our Light Shadow. The golden aspects of us that we hide out of fear of our own power. This work will invite you to bring out the light shadow – to integrate your Light into your consciousness and reclaim your energetic integrity. 
(May 4)

Week 6


This work is a sacred path, we begin to walk in life. In this last session we will bring all the elements together, and talk about what you need to cultivate to stay on track. You will come to see how working with shadow is a part of the creative process of shaping your life, expanding your power and creative potential. It teaches you who you truly are. 
May 11)



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