Let’s get introduced!

I invite you to step into the mystical journey of conscious transformation.

Now is the time to rise into who we truly are, and what we came here to be. Whether you are a leader of a business or a leader of your own personal Kingdom, I invite you to reach into your Soul and access the depths of consciousness to make your soul-mark on this world.
My promise is to support your journey to rise to depths you didn't know possible.

Rise With Me

I invite you to discover who you truly are, and create life in alignment with your true essence.

I’m here as a transformational gateway for those who want to step into full authentic power and refined consciousness to lead and live fully. As a teacher and student of consciousness, an energy worker and highly intuitive, I work with visionaries around the world. I assist business leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals through multifaceted and profound consciousness and energy work to guide them into the wealth of their inner resources.

Multifaceted Consciousness Work

Although my work is multifaceted, it is all rooted in the understanding that spiritual power is not something we have – it is who we truly are. 

We are the sovereign rulers of our destiny. We are our own healers, we are the powerful creators of our visions, the engineers of our life, and the most trusted resource for deep wisdom and knowing. And through creation we bring our unique expression to this world. 

When we know our spiritual power, we have the key to creating life sustainably in flow. I believe 
the most rewarding gift we can ever give ourself is to know our true, authentic Soul-ar power. 

It is an adventurous journey that requires commitment, curiosity and courage, among others. It can be a highly challenging path, but equally rewarding when we meet the unimaginable power and potential we hold inside, and our inner wisdom reveals itself. 

I’m here to support those who wishes to embark on this journey from Self to Soul.

I teach the principles of transformation, how to work with consciousness and master energy. And I bring a variety of experience, multiple gifts and talents into the work – both rooted in science and theoretical understanding as well as ancient mystical principles. My list of experience and trainings include both spiritual trainings, teachings of consciousness work and adult development (see my CV here). I’m among others certified in the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment from Deep Change and The Leadership Development Profile from Harthill.

However, I experience that it is my spiritual mastery and unique ability to access truth, which is at the core of the results and transformation, I help people create. I have many years of practice in energy mastery to create life in the moment, intuitive powers and clair-abilities to support my work, and a soul-given talent to read energy, see potential and discern aligned actions. And I teach only based on my own study of and practice with the mystical principles of alchemy. I share what I personally know will continue to serve your growth beyond our time together. 

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My Journey

Somewhere along the way, my quest to heal myself turned into a devotion to discover my true being, to know what it means to fully rise, and to find out what becomes possible in life when we do.

It has brought me into a place of deep inner balance and peace, while living a life with constant growth and change.

My desire to know the truth of who I really am, and gain complete creative freedom to shape my life, has led me on a deep inner transformational journey that have revealed unimaginable potential for me.

Over the years, I have engaged in many spiritual and non-spiritual teachings, ideas and concepts of personal development and empowerment. However, with a natural scepticism of dogma, mental limitations and spiritual illusions I was led to a path of mystical mastery.

I have found no teachings and principles as powerful as those of conscious transformation through the mystical path of alchemical mastery. My journey of now many years has taught me that we have unimaginable, unlimited inner potential and resources available – each one of us – when we take on this journey.

My personal journey accelerated when I started to truly understand that inner world shapes outer world. This brought my awareness back to completely inner focus. I have since transformed each area of my life. I have healed and transformed relationships through my own growth, I have journeyed from a state of unconsciousness of my own true being to a path of constantly discovering more of who I truly am. I have moved from disempowerment and often feeling powerless to my circumstances into the power of shaping each moment consciously. I have re-connected with my spiritual power.  I have created magic to support my life. And much more. And I know that there is still so much more to learn and discover.

One of the most important things I have learned is to embody complete inner peace, calm, and strength no matter what life has in store for me. This is the greatest gift I have given myself.

I have not reached where I am today by following Guru’s, concepts, ideas and models. I have worked with few, but powerful teachers who taught me how to discover my own power. And the principles of alchemical transformation have allowed me to discover my own unique potential, resources and wisdom. And that is what I wish to pass on to whoever I work with. Because you got this! You are unique – why would your journey not be?

It is my deep desire that we may all know the potential that is available within us, and I stand in service to support those who desire to step into their full freedom, truth, wisdom and creative expression.

Rise to your full capacity

Rise into alignment with
your true essence