Let’s get introduced!

I invite you to step into the mystical journey of conscious transformation.

Now is the time to rise into who we truly are, and what we came here to be. Whether you are a leader of a business or a leader of your own personal Kingdom, I ask you to reach into your Soul and access the depths of consciousness to make your mark on this world.

My promise is that I will do all I can to support your journey to rise to depths you didn't know possible.

Rise With Me

You are the creator of your own experience. I invite you to create life in alignment with your true essence.

I’m here as a transformational gateway for those who want to step into full authentic power and refined consciousness. As a teacher and student of consciousness, an energy healer and highly intuitive, I train conscious powerhouses around the world. I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and private individual through multifaceted and profound consciousness work. 

Multifaceted Consciousness Work

All of my work is rooted in the understanding that spiritual power is not something we have – it is something we are. We are our own healers, we are the powerful creator of our visions, the engineers of our life and our own resources for deep wisdom and knowing. Only we create our life. And through our creation we bring our unique expression to this world.

The key to creating life sustainably in flow is to step into our true, authentic power. Very few have the courage, will  and commitment to walk the path from Self to Soul, and step into the unimaginable degree of power and potential that is available to us. The fact that you are here and are reading this, means you are one of the few. And I invite you to answer your soul’s calling. I believe it is the most rewarding gift we can ever give ourself.  To know our true, authentic Soul-ar power. 

I’m a student and teacher of consciousness and the metaphysics, ensuring that my clients have a sound foundation to stand on in the transformational work they do. I bring a variety of experience, multiple gifts and talents into the work – both rooted in science and theoretical understanding as well as ancient mystical principles. My list of experience and trainings is long and include trainings in consciousness work and adult development. I’m certified in the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment from Deep Change as well as in The Leadership Development Profile from Harthill

However, I experience that it is my spiritual mastery, which is at the core of the results and transformation, I help people create. I have deep experience with and understanding of energy mastery to create life in the moment, my intuitive powers and clair-abilities support my work, and I have a soul-given gift to see potential and discern aligned actions.
I create space for people to transform through partnership with Divine energies. Initiated into the path of the medicine woman I diagnose misalignment and gives the remedy. 

I teach only what I personally know will continue to serve you on your journey beyond our time together. For me spirituality is just as practical as it is personal, which is reflected in both my work with businesses as well as private individuals.  Learning the principles of transformation, reaching depth of consciousness and knowing how to work powerful with energy are at the core of what I offer the people I work with.  

I came to Maiken as I had needed a change in my work life for years, but kept getting distracted by life and everyday life. She helped me realize where I place my excuses for not making the necessary changes, which gave me a new perspect...

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Maiken has an​ astonishing capacity for insight and ​expert guidance. She helped me to disentangle the behaviours and patterns that were holding me back in my life. She skillfully helped me to identify and empower a way of living, re...

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Maiken has extraordinary gifts to offer to the individual, team or business. She has a rarely seen source of insight and perspective that I found immense value in. Her reading was accurate and deeply meaningful, and her delivery was both...

Maiken provided me with an accurate, insightful view into my unique gifts and talents. She has an innate ability to drive to the root of the positive energy blockage. She asks the right questions, and probes when necessary breaking down ...

My Own Journey

Somewhere along the way, my quest to heal myself turned into a devotion to know what it means to fully rise and discover what becomes possible in life when we do.

My journey of now many years has since taught me that we have unimaginable, unlimited inner potential and resources available when we follow our curiosity, embrace our courage and employ will power. 

My desire to know the truth of who I really am and gain complete creative freedom to shape my life has lead me on a deep inner transformational journey that have revealed unimaginable potential for me. And I know that there is still so much more to learn and discover. I came from a place of deep unconsciousness of my own true being to discovering who I truly am. From a place of disempowerment and often feeling powerless to my circumstances to knowing the power of creation that exists in each of us. I once wrongly thought that spiritual authorities had more insight to who I am, than I did. Basically, I lived in an illusion. One that it is time we all wake up from and embrace the power of consciousness. It is my deep desire that we may know the potential that is available to us, and I stand in service to support those who desire to step into full freedom, truth, wisdom and creative expression.

Rise to your full capacity

Step into alignment with your true essence and let life happen for you