Work with Me

Create life in alignment with your true essence.

I support courageous people around the world, who wish to unfold the essence of truth. I work with business leaders, entrepreneurs and private individuals through multifaceted and profound consciousness and energy work. Whether it is business or personal I’m here to serve you on your journey to step into full authentic, creative power.

Live Consciously

Step into alignment with your true essence and let life happen for you

You were born to rise. You have incredible spiritual powers at your disposal to create and experience life fully. But stepping into your full potential and become a powerful creator of your reality is a choice.

A powerful choice that requires you to look deep into your being, take courageous choices and develop high spiritual mastery. The work I offer is deeply transformational. I know you are what you are waiting for – and I invite you to choose to rise with me.

Align with Truth
Return To soul

The mastery process is a challenging but life transforming process that helps you remember the essence of your Soul. It teaches you to tap into your own inner resources to – know who you truly are, create what you want, heal what needs healing, release what stands in your way, access intuition and master the turbulence of transformation.

True mastery comes from walking the path of spiritual transformation. You will tap deeper into your own inner resources to create what you want, to heal what needs healing, release what stands in your way, access intuition and master the turbulence of transformation. I’ll be your guide and walk with you as you create your life and transform your being from Self to Soul.

Mastery Coaching requires a min of 5 commitments.

Clarity Session
Turn confusion into clarity

We cannot see what is blocking us. A clarity session will bring clarity to what is really happening in your life and the best actions to take.

Life can be a very confusing place to inhabit. It is easy to get lost in our own minds and conditioning makes it hard to discern the true answers, to know what decisions to take and to get clarity on what is standing in the way. Through my ability to discern energy and uncover precisely what is blocking you, I’ll help you to move from confusion to clarity.

Doing Through Being
Create in Alignment with
your soul essence

Let creation transpire from the essence of your inner being and manifest itself into the physical world with ease. Doing through being is a different way of creating your life. It brings the consciousness of your true essence to the creative process to allow the physical manifestation to come into form. Doing Through being is a dance with the essence of your Soul. 


Lead Consciously

Evolve Your Leadership

A leader’s performance and ability to lead others with excellence is directly linked to level of consciousness and complexity thinking. And the world needs more conscious leaders.

Conscious leaders show up with all of who they truly are to create the best possible future for all of humanity. To become a high caliber leader requires deep consciousness, a high degree of self-mastery, incredible courage and the ability to navigate turbulence and complexity with peace and wisdom. Are you ready to break the mold and rise within to redefine what it means to be a powerful leader?


Conscious Leadership Development​

Transformational leadership development that creates lasting results for the individual and the organization

The complexity of our time calls for a new kind of leader, who can navigate complex territory with grace and efficiency. This requires a new level of leadership training that goes deep.

I do not believe that you can teach others how to lead with compassion, trust, wisdom, humility, authenticity, and visionary power – to mention just a few of the virtues that we ask of true leaders today. You can only show them the transformational path that will lead them to discover and cultivate those virtues authentically within.

All leadership development is uniquely created to take the participants on a powerful transformational journey to discover how their greater inner resources create greater business results. Leaders will learn who they are as leaders and the powerful resources they have within. They will also learn how to release what stands in the way of stepping into their next level of conscious high-performance to create the result they need in a sustainable way. The trainings are based on a mix of cutting-edge research and old wisdom, and promises change that last beyond the program.


Conscious Leadership Coaching

Discover a greater potential as a leader and overcome what stands in your way to achieve it

This is deep transformational leadership coaching that will have a lasting impact.

Personal leadership coaching invites you on an evolutionary journey into deep self-discovery, developing higher complexity thinking, and emotional as well as spiritual intelligence.

You’ll go through a unique developmental process focusing on what is present for you and how to achieve your goals better. It is also an opportunity to define your leadership vision and achieve specific goals through a deep transformational journey into discovering new resources within and let go of limitations.


Leadership Assessments

Transformational leadership assessments showing what we ourselves cannot see

The Leadership assessments I use are designed to uncover the truth about your inner capacity as a leader and how to develop it.

The two most essential developmental steps that leaders can take to meet the challenges of today’s world is to develop their ‘spiritual intelligence’ and their ‘complexity thinking’. Both are interconnected aspects of what it means to be a mature leader, who through sustainable high-performance, can lead masterfully in a VUCA world. Both leadership assessments are powerful tools for deep personal leadership transformation.

‘The Leadership Development Profile’

The LDP is one of the world’s most powerfully insightful development tools. It helps leaders to become aware of their Action Logic (level of complexity thinking) and provides crucial insights into what constrains their effectiveness and importantly, how they can develop beyond these constraints. The LDP is built on an extensive lineage of rigorous empirical research over many decades, with well validated principles. It is a recognized tool for complexity development across the world.

‘Spiritual Intelligence Assessment’

Mature leadership of late stage adult development requires high spiritual intelligence. The SQ21 assessment is a self-evaluation of the 21 leadership skills that highly Spiritual Intelligent Leaders master. It uncovers hidden personal blocks and shows what personal leadership skills a leader needs to work on to step into next level of leadership capacity. This leadership assessment – and training – is the next level up from EQ.


Spiritual Business Consulting

Step into energetic alignment and excellence

This work is for leaders who want to succeed through deep energetic business alignment and spiritual intelligent leadership.

Is your business ready to move into the future of performance? Get an energy X-ray on your business or organization. I offer a range of spiritual services for leaders that know the importance of energetic alignment for creation and our ability to perform at our best – such as individual Soul-profiling for true purpose and performance excellence, tapping into your teams spiritual powers for visioneering work, how to work energetically to create new results, or energetic analysis of misalignment.


Spiritual Intelligence

Get to know the leaders who are walking by your side on their own journey to rise within to make full impact through their leadership. Stepping into our full capacity as leaders is not an easy path. It requires a lot of inner work, willingness to let go of parts of ourselves, make tough choices and the courage to embrace uncertainty. But you are not alone.

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