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Learn to Lead from Higher Self

The observant reader will notice that if people can lead from their ‘Higher Self’ it must indicate that we also have a ‘Lower self’. And that this ‘lower self’ is not a very good decision-maker. And yes, this is exactly what I’m saying. We each

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Upgrade your mind to make better decisions

One of the most efficient and long-lasting ways to experience a radical jump in one’s decision-making is to bring the unconscious into the conscious. When you learn how to do this, you become your own source of constant growth to continuously improve your decision-making. Read

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Energy mastery

The ‘secret’ to manifestation

Having run my own business for about 7 years now, the spiritual issue of money and manifestation has been a very present theme on my journey. Particularly, how I could make money with the least amount of effort and most aligned actions. This search has

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Spiritual Intelligence

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Articles of Interest

Here you can find articles on research and theory specific to the assessments and programs I offer. Particularly about the impact and value of SQ21 and Actions Logics for leadership. 
7 Transformations of Leadership

David Rooke and William R.Torbert

Deep Intelligence

Cindy Wigglesworth