Information becomes knowledge and eventually it will turn into wisdom if we make the choice to put it into action. Share in the information that has become my wisdom. My wish is that it will give you something to think about, and spark reflections about your own journey. 


Engage in my writing about coming into consciousness, leadership, the mystical journey of rising into soul and how to step into our full power. Comments and anything you feel inspired to share, is more than welcome! 



The pleasure of violence

Do you take pleasure in violence? Few would probably say yes to that, but the fact is that the majority of us do. The other day I read a piercing statement that shone a stark light on this reality. Because let’s think about what violence

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Soul work

How Restrictions Set Me Free

It was the year characterized by restrictions that taught me the most about Freedom. How true freedom is to be found within the depth of my being, and gives rise to compassion for humanity that allows me to sacrifice my small self for something greater.

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Soul work

Sometimes the Light turns off

There is no light without darkness. And the path to awakening is sometimes walked through dark roads to find the light. And sometimes, when the light switches off, and all turns black, that is painful. Sometimes it is unbearable painful. I have faced so intense

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Spiritual Intelligence

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Articles of Interest

Here you can find articles on research and studies specific to the assessments and programs I offer. Particularly about the impact and value of SQ21 and Actions Logics for leadership. 
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David Rooke and William R.Torbert

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