Leader, do you hear the Call? Do you dare to answer??
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Leader, do you hear the Call? Do you dare to answer??

You will at some point in your life receive the Call. The Call is a whisper begging the questions is this all there is, can I be more than I am, can I do more than what I do?

The answer is always yes.

Answering the call means rising to the challenges of this world – to let your authentic power and unlimited potential shine through in the pursuit of noble goals that serve the world. It calls on you to step forward as an agent for positive, visionary change – as a noble steward of higher ideals – as a loving warrior of deep connections. It calls for you to take a stand for something in the dare of ridicule. It calls you to decide your legacy.

It is not an easy choice.

One cannot answer without entering the portal of transformation and step onto the

path of consciousness. This is a quest that requires us to leave the old limited self behind in the pursuit of becoming all we can be. It requires us to enter the unknown and be willing to give up all we know to gain the new. It requires to reach into the depths of our being to confront parts of ourselves we are not proud of. It requires us to be tested.

Again, that is not an easy choice. To answer this call is an act of courage.

The call comes as a whisper, which if you answer gracefully will lead you onto a new path of higher meaning. If you ignore it, it will call out louder. It can take shape as a rude wake-up call in a relationship falling apart. It can disguise itself as disease taking over your body. Or as a burn-out bringing you to a halt. It will do whatever it takes to wake you up and say; yes, I hear you. I’m ready.

But as its whispers reaches you, do you stop to listen? Do you dare to respond?

Although the calling reaches all and the capacity to embark on the journey are in all of us, during my years of coaching and working with leaders, I’ve come to recognize that there are 3 kinds of leaders; Those who do not hear the Call, those who ignore the Call and those who dare to respond.

1.    Leaders that do not hear the Call.

There are leaders who are so sound asleep that they simply do not hear the Call. They are caught up in their own race and no matter what knocks at their door they do not hear it. And as they do not hear anything, they are not bothered.

They will blindly but happily continue on the same path they have always been – effectively keeping status quo intact. Their own and the world around them. They will laugh at those who answers.

They hold on to the familiar ways that have brought them success so far to ensure that they do not endanger all they have spent their life building. These leaders will most likely never respond – but they will not suffer much either. Because they are happily unconscious, they are not bothered by what they do not do. They accept the consequences of not hearing the call with the blissfulness only awarded the ignorant.

2.    Leaders that ignore the Call

Leaders that ignore the call are worst off – and they are in for a bumpy ride.

They are conscious that something is calling them, but they do not dare to stop and reach within to answer.  Instead they try to answer the call outside of themselves.

They maybe do a little soul searching to tell themselves they are responding, they change jobs in the hope that the new distraction will be enough, they work harder to forget that something else is calling for them, they might fall only to rise in the same spot. They have powerful stories of denial and reason for staying put.

But they become restless, they become tired, they become unhappy for no reason, they are unfulfilled without knowing why. Life seems to slip away without explanation.

When you are consciously ignoring the call, it has consequences. You know that life is expecting more of you and you know you don’t have the courage to answer. So you are left feeling unfulfilled and that something important is passing you by.

Eventually, if you never take the leap, the missed call becomes a regretful awareness of missed opportunity nagging the depth of ones being.

3.    Leaders that respond to the Call

Then there are the leaders that respond to the Call.  They are the ones that dare to enter the portal of transformation leaving their old selves behind in the pursuit of becoming the person they are meant to be – not the person they were conditioned to be.

They embark on a journey they can never go back on to fulfill a higher purpose and leave a lasting positive mark where they thread. They wake up to fulfill a personal meaningful purpose, but the power of their transformation is also linked to the companies they lead, to the people whose life they touch. They reach into the corners of their psyche to integrate themselves into wholeness – and thus step into an unlimited potential that inspires, motivates and moves the world around them.

They will bring great sacrifices and will equally be rewarded greatly. And as life comes to an end, they will know they answered the call and they will know that they did all they could to become all they are. And that it was a life worth living.

Answer the Call
Have you hear the Call, but not answered yet. Don’t judge yourself. But wake up now. The world needs you. The world needs leaders that can bring about the need for visionary change. The world needs you to be the most you can be. ou need you to be the most you can be. Your children needs you to be that leader.

So ask yourself next time the Calling reaches your ears – Will you miss this opportunity to become who you are meant to be? To step into your full potential? To experience life more fully?

As you go through the portal, there is no going back. You will feel lonely, you will feel scared, you will feel doubt. But you will equally feel alive, be granted the deepest meaning and the highest accomplishments. You will achieve wisdom and gain capacity you never thought you had. You will be among the ones that change this world.