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Not all kinds of femininity show up as healthy contributions to this world. So how do we ensure that we don’t get blind-sided in our celebration of all feminine?

2018 is supposed to be a pivotal year in bringing a shift in the world towards a feminine paradigm, where femininity and feminine values come into power. I have previously voiced my view to tread gently when popularizing feminine values in leadership and business. And with the acceleration in the celebration of the feminine, I feel it is time to raise my voice again.

The rise of the feminine is seen both in the world of spirituality with talks about the coming of feminine consciousness and in the world of business where this year’s ‘more feminine Davos’ was deemed the new face of leadership.

Whether you lean to the side of spirituality or business or both, doesn’t matter, but you would have had to live in a cage not to notice the emphasis on the power of feminine values that has been on the rise in recent years both in the world at large and in leadership in particular.

As great as that is, I continuously see two aspects missing from the debate, which I feel is imperative to ensure that we bring the world into a healthy balance and not just continue on a new path, which is just as damaging to the world.

Not all feminine is healthy
I think that two important elements are missing from the conversation and focus on ‘the feminine’;

1.    There is a lack of conversation about what kind of femininity, we are celebrating and encouraging. From both a spiritual and a business point of view, there is a lot of toxic femininity, which in my view will bring no valuable contribution to the world. Then I’d almost rather stay in this unhealthy masculine paradigm, we have created. So what kind of femininity are we calling forward in this time of age and in business?

2.    And secondly, how do we call femininity forward in a way that is inclusive of both men and women? I feel the debate often polarises the genders with its femininity vs. masculinity, which ends up being hinged on gender. It completely causes us to miss the most important point, which is that the rise of femininity should be about all people integrating healthy masculine and feminine values to show up as more powerful leaders (whether that be of our own lives or the lives of others). This is what will create a real change in the world towards a more healthy, sustainable, thriving and prosperous way of living and growing business. The more you can integrate healthy masculine and feminine values in yourself, the higher your complexity thinking, and the more effective you are as a leader. Man or woman.

I recognize the tremendous value of the needed awareness that has been brought to the equal rights of women, women in leadership, family patterns and sexuality to mention just a few areas.

An important aspect of developing into greater potential whether it is on a personal or societal level is to create awareness of the shadows that is holding us back. And it has been an important journey to heal the unhealthy masculinity and the wounded femininity, which I experience is damaging to both men, women and the planet.

But after a process of awareness it is time to think about how we want to use past experiences and learnings moving forward. What kind of world do we want to create? What kind of leadership do we need to bring that forward?

For me there is no doubt that the answer is to move the conversation into a integrated perspective of how all regardless of gender can master a healthy expression of feminine and masculine values.  Many women in leadership positions, power and influence are just as active in keeping alive the unhealthy masculine values that are causing the world to spiral down – sometimes even more so than the men. Personally, I don’t always get the feeling that women will necessarily save the world. Men that balance and master both feminine and masculine values bring more positive change about than a woman who is not.

To me it is all about each of us reaching a higher level of mastery of the feminine and the masculine, which we all have access to, and which we can all tap into to create a world where we and other people thrive.

How comfortable are you with your feminine and masculine sides? How well can you move in and out and bring them forward at the right time and the right place?