The Power of Spiritual Programming
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The Power of Spiritual Programming

First, let’s take a moment and reflect. If you believe that mental constructs such as Human design or other similar profiling has no limiting power over your experience of the world, just imagine for a second, that Human Design is a highly clever designed program of illusion, created to keep you in a state of powerlessness. Just humor me for a second, and really put yourself into that possibility. What comes up for you?

A few reactions might come up for you

  1. Resistance to this possible truth, and a consequent resistance to me as a person and what I’m about to share with you. If you are a spiritually evolved person, then you also know that resistance is the ego’s response to keeping out information that might challenge its position of power.
  2. Disillusion, confusion or emotions of fear. Thinking about who you then are, and about what is ‘right/wrong’. Perhaps your brain scans through all the information, trying to assess its validity in relationship to your experience. Which means you have given your inner authority and power over to something, which has no authentic power.
  3. Curiosity, which indicates that you are a person seeking to live in authentic freedom and connection with your Soul. And possibly that you are already living from your Soul, un-attached to mental models of who you are, grounded in a level of authentic power of being.
  4. Any possible other experiences that I welcome you to email and share with me.

A model is a mental endgame – soul is an infinite possibility

When your connection to Soul is based on conditioning, it is not authentic. And any mental program is always limited, a closed system. No matter how much someone claims to receive a system from ‘the Divine’ and no matter how detailed this system seem to be, it is inherently flawed and limited in nature as long as it claims to be ‘a design’, ‘a manual’. In fact, the more detailed a ‘design’ or ‘system’ is, and the more of mind that is involved in accessing it, the more of a trap it can be. No one can know the truth of the Soul. Only the Ego plays God.

When we learn about the soul from our mind, such as Human Design, we are trapping ourselves into a cage, which keeps us at worst in a misunderstanding of who we are, and at best in a flawed, and limited understanding of who we are.

Human Design is a program of Soul, which you implement in your consciousness. It becomes a conditioning of your spirituality. It is not an authentic expression of Soul. And it is mental in nature, it is finite. It is an end game. The know all game. There are no surprises. You can only learn to live it.

Human Design is filled with rules and mental either/or constructs such as ‘if you are a generator you always need to respond’, ‘the response will always be felt in the sacral’, ‘if you are this type you will have access to truth in the moment’, ‘if you are that type you’ll have access to truth over time’, ‘if you are this profile you will only create opportunities through network’, ‘if you are that type you will only do things for yourself’ and so on.

These kinds of statements come from an intellectual level of mind, which can only think in either/or. But spiritual intelligence and Soul are about embracing paradox and complexity – the both and. For consciousness and life to be in accord, we need to make an exception every time we make a rule. But the rational mind does not understand that. It loves statements like the ones above so that it can ‘know’ the rules and believe it ‘does soul’.

The job is to live the design. And it will always work for you in your life – at least for some time, and even years. But it does not mean that it is necessarily your Soul. Just think about any level of programming and conditioning you have cleared out of your consciousness – how many years did that work fine for navigating life – until it didn’t.

Soul is experienced and known in the absence of mind. That is why in alchemical studies, there is extremely little programming. It is based in principles. The mystics know we cannot come into soul and approach the unconscious according to a program. If we do, we trap ourselves in mental programming such as Human Design, which will never reveal the true nature of our Soul. We might get glimpses of what it is. I’m not saying that everything you learn about yourself is false. I say that it is severely distorted and incomplete. And by digging deeper and deeper into it, you are bound to get lost in the rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole of human design

Now let’s try to carve out why understanding the authentic nature of our soul through mental models is a trap, but to also recognize that even traps can be valuable sometimes.

There are a few things that are important to understand when we learn about our Souls from the level of mind. When our spiritual nature is conditioned into us rather than authentically experienced and learned. Now, let’s focus on how we get trapped in a mental model when we start to live our life by ‘design’.

  1. Only the mind will hand over the truth about the Soul to an external authority.
    Why not get to know Soul through our own experience and by our own accord?
    Why do we hand over the keys to our soul to an external authority? When we are in a place of powerlessness, disconnection from ourselves, and who we truly are, we are naturally susceptible to hand over our authority to an external authority to tell us who we are. Especially someone who can tell us who we ‘really are’. And when we do not yet have the capacity to question the source, we can be easily persuaded by ‘spiritual lingo’.We gladly hand over our power to external authorities, to not suffer the uncomfortable experience of being in the unknown where the power of consciousness and Soul can authentically arise. In the desire to ‘successfully navigate life and receive all the things it dreams of with ease’ the mind is inherently susceptible to buy into any program, which will offer this.It is a deceptive level of consciousness, that thinks it can control life by describing it in a manual to ease the discomfort of living in the mystery and know through experience. The need to know all of who we are, so we can have predictability in life, is the voice of the Ego. And the mind’s need to know who we are paradoxically keep us in a limited state of actually knowing who we are. Paradoxically, to really know your Soul, you have to let go of the need to know. And start activating our own spiritual intelligence.

    Ask yourself this, do you think the point of your existence was to receive the manual of your life when you entered this Earth, and learn how to live the manual as well as possible? Or is the point of existence to know the power of your Soul through direct experience without any mental model to describe it for you. And to come to understand your power to CREATE life according in alignment with Source. Not to learn to play by the rules of a bible.

    For every truth, a higher truth exists. That is the principle of evolution. To have a manual is completely contradictory to any teachings by ancient, spiritual wisdom.

  2. The mind will find evidence for what it believes
    As soon as the mind has agreed to a program – like human design – it will look for evidence to support the truth of its program, to keep it in place. It does not have the ability to question the program itself. Whether that’s true or not – you could take somebody else’s profile and you could follow it – you feel like you have some kind of assurance, and that is very positive in building confidence and self-possession. I have had to learn that from personal experience. It is surprisingly accurate. So, when we learn about mental models of our Soul and from the level of mind, we are programming/conditioning ourselves with information. In fact, the way the mind works is to automatically go back into our experience and find the validity of the program it is running. That is why any mind program is so powerful. As soon as we have agreed to it, we automatically adapt our worldview, our stored experiences and projections to fit with it. It becomes very confusing and fearful to question the program – if we still live from mind, as opposed from our spiritual intelligence – that is. Your mind now has the ‘rules’ of your soul as a strategy tool for navigating life. And even though you can experiment with the direct experience of this strategy, it will still happen within the rules of the game the mind has set up. In other words, you will never know if the rules are in fact wrong. No longer valid, not applicable to the situation.You might even claim that you are good at listening to your heart, and it has served you well. But I could say, still not better than you still needed this model to tell you who you are. And still no better that you are still operating within the limits of its boundaries. It brings to mind a quote by Joseph Jaworski, who has written extensively about fulfilling human potential through direct experience of Soul and connection to Source. “We dance in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows. 
  3. Our IQ mind is limited in nature. It takes in and store information, which it then uses to create truths about the world, and create rules and strategies to exist within the framework it knows. It is inherently blind to what it does not know – which will always be a lot. It is like a computer, which can be programmed to know and do certain things, but it has no capacity for questioning the program it is operating from. It has to take it as ‘the truth’. When we buy into models, we are agreeing to a version of reality, which is essentially just a ‘program’ that is created by someone, and which you are now accepting, and participating in. Hence to live into any ‘design of your soul’ given to you by others is by default flawed, limited and inauthentic. That is not to say that it does not hold truth. Because there is a truth to
    everything. But it is like the analogy used in previous article. It is like taking a cup of water and claim it to be the ocean.
    We need to be able to reach a level of consciousness, mind, where we are constantly able to question, reassess and discard our mental model of the world, if we are to truly grow and step into authentic flow.
  4. The IQ mind cannot handle ambiguity. As soon as the mind has accepted something as truth, it only works in either/or, right/wrong, black/white. It cannot handle paradox and complexity. So when we study ourselves through the level of mind – through a pre-described construct of who we are – instead of through direct experience, we are inherently limiting the experience of who we truly are.Hence if you are told you are a generator that needs to ‘respond’ and never initiate. It cannot deal with any ambiguity of that. You will have to live by that rule, and consequently start to look at the world through the ‘rule of responding’ and will not accept ambiguity about that. Or if you are told you are an opportunist that needs to have another opportunity before leaving an old one, that will only create through network of friends, this will become a belief pattern you will try to adapt to. You will start to live by that rule, find proof of the truth of that rule. Because anything else would be a threat to the mental program you are operating from. It does not compute. And any evidence contrary to the system cause unease.You might even argue that something like Human Design guide you into your experience of intuition. But because you do this from a level of a mental model of ‘the sacral’ it will create limitations on the truth of your own intuition, which is your first intelligence – and a complex communicative system, and the power of your own spiritual intelligence.
  5. Any model will work for some time, and some even for a very long time. Especially when we invest our truth in them. It is the law of mind. Many people can even live successfully from their limited conditioning, even believing that they live from their Soul. And they can do so for quite some time. But they are not living from an authentic experience of their soul and connection with the Divine. Because for that to happen you need to let go of mental concepts – even when they are about ‘the design of your soul’. Many concepts, such as ‘the law of attraction’ has had similar convincing power over people’s life, but eventually has fallen apart because it did not rest on truth but an incomplete version of it.
  6. Any model is an expression of level of consciousness. Any models we use to understand our Soul being and the mystery of life is mental in nature and an expression of consciousness. Regardless of where it was ‘downloaded’ or channeled from. We take energetic information and use our mind to put it into words, constructs, ideas, expressions. And that is how we create reality. It is inherently flawed and limited.The consciousness of the person receiving the information will distort the information. It is inherently so. And we never know what sources of information people ‘download’ from, which is why it so important that we learn the nature of our own consciousness. The way our mind works, the way meaning is created, reality is formed, the character of truth. And that we learn to source our own information about our Soul, rather than those given to us by others.
  7. Thought create reality. What makes any model powerful is people’s willingness to buy into it. If enough people buy into the mental patterns and concepts we propose, they become a shared reality, which takes on a life of its own. They become a ‘collective truth’ starting to rule the law of average. The more people that live into ‘models’ such as ‘human design’ the more we will create a program of reality, which no one can question the validity of, and which will become another trap, keeping us from our Divinity. And it is tricky, because it presents itself as Divinity, but it inherently cannot be. To be free, we need to be able to question the mental model we are using of the world, and ask what is a higher truth available.

A model can serve your growth

Soul and personality modalities can be very helpful when we start to wake up to the realization that there is more to us than ‘who we thought we were’. Ironically, their validity and value are most dominant when we wake up from a 3D reality of living by the rules of our mind. Precisely because this is still the dominant operating model of our reality, we need to learn from that level of consciousness – mind consciousness. Rather than through our full spiritual intelligence and senses, which we do not have full access to yet. Although we can, if we meet the right teachers.

From the level of mind, we can learn that the personality our mind has conditioned us with, is not all we are, and that a truer nature exists underneath all of what we thought we were and have been told we are. Models and modalities provide us with new options to think about and understand  ‘who we are’ – and consequently open up to a richer experience of ourselves.
More importantly, it helps to open us up to the understanding that ‘there is more to life’. That you are not a fixed person, beyond change. But that you have undiscovered gifts, truths and views that are unique to you, and which holds promises of a more meaningful existence. And that all the limiting you believed about yourself is not true, or the things you felt were true, but did not dare to believe, are in fact true. Also very important, it helps to wake us up to the understanding that we are inherently different – and to understand why some people are the way they are, teaching us empathy and acceptance.

Therefore, there is a validity and a timely use for models like the enneagram, the myers briggs, human design, horoscopes, soul profiling, palm readings and what not. Because they will undoubtedly include useful information, which will give you glimpses into the truth of your soul. But the system is a fixed impression of something which always move and evolve – or has the opportunity to at least.

I personally offer soul profiling from the Akashic records to support clients. And it is particularly useful when people are ‘waking up’ from being only identified with their conditioning, to learn more about who they are from an unconditioned perspective. It helps weave out the true from the not so true. And it can also support me to get a quicker glimpse into their uniqueness and thus support them better in transformation and manifestation. However, the modality I use does not give a detailed account – and there is power in that. Because the more details, the more our mind gets in the way. And the Soul gets abstract concepts. When people reach a certain level of consciousness, I try to steer them away from receiving any concepts of their soul from external authorities. Ideally, we skip that step all together, or at least only hang out there a limited time before we move on.

Unfortunately many people get stuck! Lured in by the ‘need to know more’ or the need to attach to definitions to know who they are. It is such a shame when people get stuck in the definition of who they are ‘tossing’ terms across the table of ‘oh are you also an enneagram 7’, ‘oh there are so many projectors in this group’. Because eventually, we have to let these mental truths and concepts go, if we wish to live into our Divine identity. And if we wish to see people for who they truly are and not for the label they have been identified as.

Isn’t that what we came here to do? To know the full potential of our Soul. The possibility of how to create from our Soul. The Divine nature of our Soul as an expression of Source. To know that it is everything and nothing? As Buddha said; “Nothing is permanent, everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming”

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