Meet Maiken

I’m fascinated by the transformational and creative power that is available to us when we partner our spiritual nature with deep consciousness. 

My fascination and dedication to the challenging, but highly rewarding, path of spiritual consciousness has shown me that authentic power to create life is available to all of us when we choose to rise. I’m at service as a transformational gateway for those who wishes to do just that. 

In that sense my work is multifaceted. Ranging from working in corporate organizations with conscious leadership and spiritual intelligence to supporting individuals on their journey to spiritual and alchemical mastery. And I bring a multifaceted unique approach to meet the individual needs of each person I work with. 


Mastery Coaching

Elevate your inner power

True mastery comes from walking the path of spiritual transformation. To walk it powerfully is no small accomplishment, and we need a guide to walk with us to come out whole on the other side.

Clarity Session

Turn confusion into clarity

We cannot see what is blocking us. A clarity session will bring clarity to what is really happening in your life and the best actions to take.

Soul Reading

Know your true soul essence

Knowing your soul let’s the light in so you can see your true path.

Step into alignment with your true essence and let life happen for you

You were born to rise. You have incredible spiritual powers at your disposal to create and experience life fully. But stepping into your full potential and become a powerful creator of your reality is a choice.

Live Consciously

“Learn to trust in that which you cannot see”

Maiken Piil

Conscious Leadership Development

Transformational leadership development that creates lasting results for the individual and the organization”. The complexity of our time calls for a new kind of leader, who can navigate complex territory with grace and efficiency. This requires a new level of leadership training that goes deep.

Conscious Leadership Assessments
Transformational leadership assessments showing what we ourselves cannot see”. Leadership assessments will uncover the truth about your inner capacity as a leader and how to develop it.
Conscious Leadership Coaching
Discover a greater potential as a leader and overcome what stands in your way to achieve it”. This is deep transformational leadership coaching that will have a lasting impact.
Spiritual Business Consulting
Step into highest purpose and excellence. This work is for leaders who want to succeed through deep energetic business alignment and spiritual intelligent leadership.

Evolve your Leadership

A leaders level of consciousness is directly linked to performance and ability to lead others with excellence. And the world needs more conscious leaders.

Lead Consciously

You are who you have been looking for

When you transform, the world transforms with you. When you change, your circumstances change. When you rise, people rise with you. There is no other separation between you and what you dream of, except you. I invite you to rise with me to discover all of who you truly are.