Lead from Higher Self

Master complex decision-making with ease, wisdom, calm and efficiency

6 week masterclass that teaches you how to tap into your inner resources and higher intelligence for better decision-making.

This masterclass is a deep developmental journey on how to use our Higher Self for better decision-making, it is supported by teachings, coaching, and the gift of exploring in a supportive and inspiring space with other amazing and courageous people. The class has a limit of 15 participants to ensure quality for all involved.

Using your Higher Self for better decision-making

When coaching and facilitating development for leaders many express a desire to master decision-making better. They ask questions like

  • How can I move from a sense of worry to a feeling of ease?
  • What can I do to overcome feelings of overwhelm or confusion and instead experience calm and clarity?
  • How can I make decisions with greater inner confidence?
  • How can I generate visionary ideas and solutions?
  • What can I do to secure agreements around decisions and actions?

Leaders today are faced with many challenges in their work, and one challenge that everyone faces is the pressure of decision-making. 
We have created this powerful masterclass in response to the growing desires to navigate with more ease, calm, wisdom and clarity in business and every-day life.


With responsibility comes decision-making. And the more responsibility we have, the more decisions we need to make. A study by Cornell University shows that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions each day. For many business leaders the number is even higher. The pressure is not only the sheer volume of decisions one needs to make, but also the drastic increase in the complexity of the decisions, in addition to increasing time pressure. 

There is no doubt that decision-making has become more challenging:

  • Increased complexity demands that you consider a growing number of factors, stakeholders, and scenarios in your decision-making
  • Predicting the consequences and outcomes of one’s actions and decisions in complex environments is often impossible
  • Many decisions today are related to paradoxes with no clear right/wrong answers
  • The explosive stream of available information makes it even harder to know what information to rely on to make the right decisions – and sometimes the challenge is that you have too little of the right information to decide the right course of action
  • Time pressure and feelings of overwhelm further inhibits the ability to discern the best outcome

The good news is that there is a way to rise above and address the challenges of today in a way that do not require you to sacrifice aspects of yourself, such as self-care, health, and emotional well-being. The key to transcending these challenges is knowing how to tap into your Higher-Self.

Higher Self

- is the part of ourself that


Holds inner wisdom

Keep us to calm in stressful situations

Has a big, long term perspective

Knows wise choices in high-complexity situations

Discerns which current best action to take

Handles stressful situations with calm and clarity

Helps us be our best and wisest self

When we make decisions from this place within ourselves, we act with ease, calm, and efficiency to generate the best outcomes.


This class is currently not available. To find out when the next opportunity is, or to arrange a similar class for your team or department, get in touch below


6 weeks packed with deep learning, exercises, coaching and sharing ensuring inner growth with external impact. Max. of 15 people!

We will meet via Zoom 2 times a week for 6 weeks.
The master class will include both a live teaching session and a group coaching session each week. Each coaching session will have a teaching element, and then we will open up the room for sharing and questions. Each session will be about 2 hours.
We provide continued support in between sessions, and are always available to answer questions to ensure you are supported in making sustainable personal changes throughout the duration of the program.

Module 1

Week 1: Self-Awareness

Deepening self-awareness is the number one place to start for better decision-making. You will among others understand and begin to use your observer mind-set, learn to recognize and distinguish your lower-self/ego from Higher Self.


Coaching and group sharing about exercises, learning material and reflections that come up. 

Week 2: Self-Awareness

This week we will introduce the theoretical framework of Ego development to understand our own and others developmental journey in relation to decision-making.
We will dive deeper into understanding the pre-conditioned mind that blocks us from accessing the higher aspect of our mind and intuition.
You will learn to unblock yourself, listen deeper, and r
ecognize and use intuition, the voice of higher self.

Coaching and group sharing about exercises, learning material and reflections that come up. 

Module 2

Week 3: Leadership Presence

This week we will introduce the theoretical foundation for understanding how many of our intelligences (PQ, EQ and SQ) impacts how we show up and the effect we have on others. 
We will go deeper into how our relationship to others are impacted by higher-self vs. ego/small-self. And you will learn how to show up from higher-self on a daily basis.

Coaching and group sharing about exercises, learning material and reflections that come up. 

Week 4: Leadership Presence

This week we will go deeper into how our relationship to others are impacted by higher-self vs. small self/Ego. . We will also talk about communicating from true self, the importance of responsibility and how to empower others as well as collaborative decision-making. 

Coaching and group sharing about exercises, learning material and reflections that come up. 

Module 3

Week 5: Moving into action

In this last module you will learn how to use your visioning powers, stimulate innovation and creativity in yourself and others in a daily flow of decision-making. 

We will bring the learnings and insights from the previous weeks together and focus on how it can serve your journey onwards. You will be asked to make a commitment to your onward journey to put what you learned into practice.

Coaching and group sharing about exercises, learning material and reflections that come up.y

Week 6: Moving into Action

Bringing it all together. This final module will be a light module bringing together the content from the previous weeks. This will be an opportunity for the group to revise content and diver deeper into desired topics.  

This will be an opportunity to ask any questions and receive coaching on the last exercises of the program. 

Your Facilitators

This master class is a co-facilitation and creation between Dorianne Cotter-Lockard and myself. Dorianne and I have previous taught conscious Leadership and spiritual intelligence to corporate leaders with great success, and we look forward to including you into our co-creative learning space.
Maiken Piil

I bring my expertise in teaching Conscious leadership and adult development, as well as my many years of mystical spiritual practice. I have vast experience supporting conscious leaders in developing their inner capacity both through facilitated group work and individual coaching. 

Read more about me and my journey here. 


Dorianne Cotter-Lockard

Dorianne has a back ground as Managing Director and Member of “C-level” leadership with direct leadership of 850 staff. She also has en extensive background facilitating leadership development across a range of industries. 

Read more about Dorianne here.